Light Path Expressions

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This tutorial provides an overview of Cutter's support for scripting Light Path Expressions (LPE). Another tutorial,

    "RifPlugin: LPE"

explains how LPE's can be conveniently tested without using the RenderMan Controls window.

Syntax Coloration

Cutter applies syntax coloration to the text of a document with the file extension ".lpe" - a sample of which is shown below. The following lpe's are those defined by RMS19.


# specular
# diffuse 
# refraction
# shadow

The color scheme can be set in the Prefences window - figure 1.

Figure 1

Popup Menu

A popup menu (right mouse button) can be used to insert one of the standard LPEs. The "Quick Reference" menu item will open Cutter's internal browser with a barebones reminder of the LPE event and scattering tokens. The "Pixar LPE Documentation" menu item will open Pixar's documentation in the external browser.

Figure 2

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