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[19 February 2017]

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Recent Additions & Revisions

seExpr - cellnoise
customizing rfm (revised)
cutter & osl shader writing (revised)
c++ pattern - paper cup (revised)
rfm - baking 2d textures


osl - use in hypershade
osl - wyvill lines
rimel - wyvill edges maya ui
osl - multiple textures
c++ development environment


compiling and building plugins
rifplugin - baking hair, fur & grass
rifplugin - mesh to wireframe
it - histogram
lpe rif

Cutter Text Editor
Maya Scripting, Mel & Python
Python Scripting
TCL Scripting
Houdini & Prman
RenderMan Rib Basics
RfM - UI No Scripting
RfM - General Scripting
RfM - Rman/RiMel
RfM - Python Rifs
RfM - Ribbox
Pixar's - C++ Devkit
RfM - C++ Rifs
RfM - Open Shading Language
RfM - SeExpr Node
RfM - Light Path Expressions
RfM - C++ Pattern Nodes
RfM - Image Tool Scripting
RenderMan Helper Apps
Discontinued Scripting Topics
Regular Expressions

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